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        We are developing a grant funding program where communities will install a series of informational displays on their section of the MCRT.  A large trailhead informational kiosk that will include standardized user information and a couple of items about the railroad or industrial history in the community or another notable thing we'll highlight. 

        That standard, large kiosk in the trailhead area will also be joined by some smaller kiosks along the trail that are more detailed. And finally, we will have a series of small markers containing QR codes that'll lead you back to a subset of this site.  

       Community by community, there is a story to tell. This is New England and we're all about history of our places. We think this is a notable project that will have an impact on communities as we get deeper into the 21st century. 

DCR Signage specs kiosk design.jpg


Our on-going project to find and restore all the mile-markers on the MCRT corridor.

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