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On April 28, 2022, I presented at a webinar hosted by American Trails.  500+ people were in attendence

Here's some of the comments that people left as feedback. 
I'm both humbled and astounded!

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I grew up in Weston MA and remember the B&M RR north of the town.  I understood that this section was not going to be a trail but apparently it has become one.  I didn't know how many Rail Trail projects there were in Mass.


GREAT topic! 

Craig's experience is interesting to hear about. 

Lots of good images and real-life examples of projects. There were some great examples

Speaker knew the subject very well.

Anecdotes, variety of different case studies, photos. 

Craig is great, I originally heard him talk a decade ago in upstate NY and it was great to hear him again.

The hope that rails-to-trails provides for our future.


Resources regarding trails with Economic Impact Studies and suggestion to seek grants related to historic significance of railways. 

I really found the importance of the historical aspects to be interesting.

All of the information provided was terrific!

I got re-inspired! I have been struggling with projects and it was nice to see success and the approach used to get that success.

The presenter Craig Della Penna had a great presentation, experience, and information

Presenter included real life experience.

Speaker knowledge.

The common sense recommendations on dealing with those opposed to trails.

Interesting content 

Craig's depth of experience and style of presentation made this a great webinar.

I most enjoyed the presenter's passion for the content

I'm a sucker for a good success story and your presenter had plenty to share!

Outstanding presentation -- great facts, great slides, great context -- couldn't be better

The presenter was great and his humor was perfect.

Craig's passion.

Found the history fascinating.

The presenter spoke clearly and passionately about his work.

It was just a great overall review of the subject, including the history of trail development along Rail corridors in the Northeast, down to specific property impacts. Very informative.

Examples of real world/practical application of strategies; plenty of time left for Q&A

I really enjoyed listening to this speaker. He was very knowledgeable and had a lot of great information to share.


Speakers extensive experiences to share

There were a wide variety of examples and stories shared that were helpful.

I enjoyed the unique perspective on the effects of trails on real estate values. Real experiences

I liked learning about the impact of it on house prices, wanting to buy a house of my own soon


Helped debunk some myths about trails devaluing real estate

The presenter was excellent - a vast depth of experience and knowledge.

Regional perspective of Rail-Trails

Very much like the first person experience in dealing with landowners and proving that rail corridors/trail are an asset and not a concern.

I liked to hear the passion for trails given by the presenter.  I wish more realtors see trails the way he does.  

The historical "fun facts" the presenter included in his presentation.

I felt like the presenter was very knowledgeable and gave some good information on the relationship of real estate to trails.

Organization of the lecture.

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